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** Notes on fake sites **

Journey Instruments Travel Guitars, Cme Ukuleles, and other branded products from our company are sold only at our company, authorized musical instrument stores, and their online shops.

All other shopping sites where you can buy these items for less than the regular price are all fake sites. Please be careful about internet fraud.

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The 3rd Cme ukulele review by Ai Yamaguichi has been released!


​2023/7/1-2 We will run a booth at Yokohama Music Style!


2023/5/13-14 We will run a booth at Sound Messe in Osaka!


Cmeウクレレ | "pupu liili(LN) ソプラノウクレレ"

& "maemae コンサートウクレレ" レビュー

(Demonstration by Ai Yamaguchi) 

Cme Ukulele | "kaula concert ukulele" review

(Demonstration by Ai Yamaguchi) 

Journey Guitars | OC520 Classic

(Demonstration by Katsunari.Takizawa) 

Cme Ukulele | "pupu concert ukulele" review (Demonstration by Ai Yamaguchi) 

O'tra | FAG300 "Fanned fret multi-scale acoustic guitar" (Demonstration by T-cophony) 2021

Journey Guitars | "Tameshibiki" 10 guitars review

(Demonstration by K.Yamaguchi / K.Takizawa) 

Journey Guitars | OF660 Carbon Fiber Guitar

(Demonstration by Tcophony) 

What's Goin'On?

O87 RADIO : Hanah Spring's Podcast broadcasting started in January!  Episode #19 has been released:

O87 RADIO (Sponsored by Encore music solutions)


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Sat/Sun/Holiday : 11am - 7pm 

Mon~Fri : reservation only

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We have started handling APLUS shopping credits.

Even customers who do not have a credit card can purchase in installments from a purchase amount of 30,000 yen or more and a monthly payment of 3,000 yen or more.


Click here for details and usage of shopping credits


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